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15 years as the UK Study Experts

Since 2004, Across the Pond has been providing student advice and guidance to students looking to study at some of the top UK universities. Our focus on individual attention and our unique approach to student recruitment is inspired by the first-hand experiences of international study, educational research and career mentoring that the Across the Pond founders and wider team have had.

We represent many universities across the UK and the students we work with benefit from a high acceptance rate to these institutions.

The Key to Our Success

Our commitment is to provide students with a free, personalized and comprehensive service to help them achieve their ambitions of studying in Britain. Whether it is applying to undergraduate or graduate programs at our partner universities in the UK, we ensure each student is best matched in terms of their academic and personal goals. We are able to offer this customized free service because Across the Pond is funded entirely by our partner universities in Britain to represent them.      

Achieve Your Potential

At Across the Pond we encourage students to pursue their interests, aim for excellence and attend a university that suits all of their requirements. We are confident that by using the service we offer and experiencing the high level of personal guidance on offer, you can maximize your chances of being accepted to some of the best universities in the UK. 

Our UK Study Experts’ expertise and commitment are the cornerstones of Across the Pond and it is because of these qualities we continue to help overseas students achieve their goals.

Why Study in the UK

Why Study
in the UK?

Finish your degree faster

UK Degrees recognized worldwide

Improve your English fluency

Immerse in British Culture

Explore the UK & mainland Europe

UK degrees impress potential employers

Complete a Master's Degree in 12 months


Studying in England is a fantastic opportunity. The education here is top notch, and the region has such a rich history. ...

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