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If you are a student considering the opportunity to study abroad, I HIGHLY recommend Across The Pond! Their assistance throughout the entire process - from deciding which universities to apply to, how to contact professors and request supervision for a PhD, to filling out the application, gathering...

Lynne V.

Aberdeen, University of

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The best experience of my entire life

Choosing to study abroad and complete my masters degree in a different country was the most nerve racking, but most exciting decision of my life. One that I will never forget! Studying at Roehampton University, London, has been the best experience and has opened my eyes to a new world. Upon...

Michelle Watson

Roehampton, University of

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The best experience of my life

My experience living and studying in Scotland has been the best experience of my life. The staff at RGU were so accommodating to international students and worked hard in providing us with a superior education that has proven itself over and over with the quality of graduates returning to begin...

Liam Corrigan

Robert Gordon University

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The best thing about this course is my professors

I was researching degrees that I was interested in, and Biotech was the main thing that I had been considering. Oxford Brookes offered the degree, and when I saw that it was in Oxford I was just like ‘Oh this is perfect, I would love to live in that city’. I love the architecture of the city –...

Alexandra Alvarez

Oxford Brookes University

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There is so much support and knowledge here

Why did you decide to study at Brunel?After studying abroad in London previously, I fell in love with Britain. I knew I wanted to come back to study further and was searching for a course that would appropriately couple my Industrial and Interaction Design Undergraduate Degree from Syracuse...


Brunel University London

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Tuition fees and living costs are reasonable

Coming to the UK for university was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Although going to another country as an undergraduate seems like a huge challenge, it didn't seem that way at all for me. Settling in to Newcastle, I received a warm Geordie welcome, plus a lot of useful information for...

Isa Senica

Newcastle University

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Very supportive

I found out about Across The Pond through a graduate school fair where I did my undergraduate. From the outset, they were very helpful in helping me identify suitable programs based on my interests as well as finding relevant scholarship options. It was also immensely helpful to have someone give...

Stacey Bryant

Leeds, University of

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When I leave Regent’s I will have a new sense of cultural intelligence and awareness

I was attracted to the International Business programme because it allows for the study of one or two languages. Languages and cultural awareness is key to conducting International business in today’s environment. In my foundation semester I took the opportunity to study Japanese and Japanese...

Max Fuller

Regent’s University London

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Without my advisor's help, I would have been completely lost

I am thankful that I used Across The Pond to assist me with my applications to study in the UK. Without my advisor's help, I would have been completely lost. Had she not provided me with the schools that fit my needs, assistance with the application process, and help with the visa guidelines, I'm...

Merisha Leak

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